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Re: Revisiting The Six-Million Dollar Man...

Wine, Women And War **

Steve Austin must stymie the plans of an arms merchant.

In context of when it was made I'd give the first pilot a 5/5, but in context of today in retrospect I'd give it a 4/5. The second film though really suffers and thats why I give it a 2/5.

I really don't recall this film and very little of it seems familiar except for the awful theme song and less-than-inspired music. I still applaud the more realistic depiction of Austin's abilities as well as the low-key sound f/x. And there are actually a few decent moments in the film.

But overall this suffers from trying to be something of a half-hearted imitation of a Bond film in Americanized form---and it falls flat. Additionally Lee Majors is the only one in the entire thing giving a decent performance. Britt Eklund, Eric Braedon, Richard Anderson, Earl Holliman and David McCallum are all caricatures. Anderson's Oscar Goldman is nowhere near as interesting nor does he have the presence of Darrin McGavin's character of OSO Director Spencer in the pilot film. And the new Rudy Wells can't hold a candle to Martin Balsam's portrayal.

What it comes down to is polish and execution. The first pilot, with a little tweaking and money, could have been a feature film. The second pilot is so obviously a cheap TV knockoff.
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