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Re: Re-shaping a Cardassian: Toward the Ninth Circle

Ewww, ewww, dinner with Gul Dukat...yuck. It's more blatantly obvious than ever why he really wants her on the ship. And I suspect his deliberate undermining of her standing on the bridge was intended not only as self-aggrandizement, but also to try to make her uncertain and vulnerable to his advances. What a manipulative bastard.

On the other hand...if you provide more evidence, I could find myself shipping these versions of Jarol and Damar.

I see the Obsidian Order agents are trying to make themselves "helpful" again--the one on the Radalar allowing himself to be used, and the one on the Ravinok encrypting those messages. I wonder if they do stuff like that from time to time in your universe to try to make it harder for Central Command to find an excuse to obliterate them?

And what I feared when the Cardassian-Bajoran team went into the wormhole has come to pass: the Dominion is here. I wonder how they will fare in a universe where the Romulans are so strong, and the Cardassians may not provide them an easy beachhead in the Alpha Quadrant?
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