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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 9 – The SGC
1 February 2007
It was a normal day at Stargate Command; as normal as a day could get at a US Air Force installation with an interstellar portal device anyway.

“Unscheduled Off-World Activation!” Alarms were blaring. The Stargate’s Iris closed. Then the incoming wormhole opened.

“Receiving SG1’s IDC,” Sergeant Walter Harriman said.

“Open the Iris,” General Hank Landry said.

Harriman pressed his palm to the reader and the Iris opened. SG1 soon came through.

“Report to debriefing,” Landry said.

“Yes, General,” Colonel Cameron Mitchell said.

However, something out of the ordinary (for the installation) occurred.

A blue box began to appear in the Gateroom...

SG-1 and the Gateroom guards were startled. They raised their weapons as the box solidified.

“What’s that?”

Colonel Mitchell and his team had remained in the Gate room after the mysterious box had appeared.

“What do you think is in there?” he asked.

“It could be anything, Sir,” Colonel Samantha Carter said.

“It could be a trap, ColonelMitchell,” Teal’c said.

The Doctor emerged from the TARDIS, followed by Tamsin.

Mitchell immediately raised his P90. “Don’t move! Identify yourself!”

“I am the Doctor, and this is my travelling companion, Tamsin Davis.”

“How did you penetrate this base?” Teal’c asked.

The Doctor looked at Teal’c’s forehead. “Interesting Ornamentation. Is it of cultural significance?”

Teal’c just stared at the Doctor.

The Doctor stared back.

“It signifies servitude to a false god.”

“Interesting,” the Doctor said.

“How did you penetrate this base with that box device?” Carter asked, her natural curiosity showing.

“I would be inclined to answer if there were not so many guns pointed in my direction. Take me to your leader,” the Doctor said.

Mitchell and Teal’c rolled their eyes at the cliché.

“Follow me,” Dr. Daniel Jackson said.

‘He doesn’t seem that military,’ Tamsin thought.

Inside the TARDIS, Felicia and Kiara watched the viewscreen. “That was surprising,” Felicia said.

“What was?” Kiara said.

“Usually Americans take us prisoner quicker than that!” Felicia said, remembering the few times that they had run into American military forces.

“Maybe they are different in this universe?” Kiara asked. ‘Tyria may not exist either!’ she thought.

“A good point,” Felicia conceded.

“And now to wait for the Doctor to give us the all clear,” Kiara said.

“Yes,” Felicia said.

“We’ll be bored,” Kiara said.

“We can use the scanner to investigate the base,” Felicia said.

“Good idea,” Kiara said.

“Also, Tamsin has called me, we can listen in on the briefing.”

Kiara sat down at the console as Felicia put her phone on speaker and placed it there. “That’s good.”

Felicia switched on the scanner as she started listening to the briefing. ‘We’re deep underground?’

SG-1 and General Landry sat opposite the Doctor and Tamsin in the briefing room.

“So you say that blue box is your ship?” General Hank Landry said.

“Yes,” the Doctor said.

“Rather small for a ship isn’t it?” Daniel said.

The Doctor remained silent.

“It’s bigger in the inside than the outside,” Tamsin said, after a minute of awkward silence.

The Doctor gave Tamsin a brief glare before saying. “It’s dimensionally transcendental.”

“You mean that the door to the box opens perpendicularly into a different dimension to the regular three dimensions of space, allowing for more space in the box than physics would normally allow?” Carter asked excited.

‘You’re good. I couldn’t understand it. I still can’t understand it,’ Tamsin thought.

“To put it crudely, yes,” the Doctor conceded.

“Tell me you didn’t understand a word of that?” Mitchell asked Teal’c.

“I didn’t understand a word of that,” Teal’c said.

“Thanks,” Mitchell said.

“Neither did I,” Daniel said.

“But that doesn’t explain how the box managed to penetrate our defences. Isn’t the Gate Room supposed to be shielded against transporters?” Landry said.

“It is, Sir, but the box obviously appeared via a different process,” Carter said.

‘Evidently, yes,’ Tamsin thought.

“You’re good,” the Doctor said.

“Thank you,” Carter said.

“We only have their word for it,” General Landry said.

The Doctor didn’t like where this is going.

“Are you saying we need to look inside that box?” Mitchell asked.

“Yes. Consider it an order,” Landry said.

The Doctor sighed.

“Kiara, the Doctor is back with the soldiers,” Felicia said, from where she was looking at the scanner.

“I’ll unlock the door,” Kiara said. ‘At least the temporal grace field allows me to use my elementalist powers,’ she thought. She unlocked the door, and then stepped outside.

“OK, some ground rules. Only two of the SG1 team are allowed in. And I’ll be asking about the purpose of this facility,” the Doctor said.

“No,” Landry said.

“Otherwise you will not know what is in that box,” the Doctor said.

After some thought General Landry reconsidered. “Agreed,” he said.

“Colonel Mitchell and Dr. Jackson can follow me in,” the Doctor said.

“Why not myself?” Carter asked.

“He thinks you will be too curious,” Tamsin said.

“I’ll try to hold my enthusiasm in check,” Carter said.

“No,” the Doctor said.

“Agreed,” Landry said.

It took a while for Jackson and Mitchell to recover from their initial shock at the size of the TARDIS interior.
“This is amazing. This is definitely the product of a culture more highly advanced than the Lantians were or the Ori are,” Dr. Jackson said as he walked around the console room.

“Swell,” Mitchell said.

“Indications of wormhole activity,” the Doctor said, from the console.

“What did you say?” Mitchell asked, as he raised the P90.

“Wormhole activity. That round device in this room is a portal device isn’t it?” the Doctor asked.

“I’m not saying anything,” Daniel said.

“That’s classified,” Mitchell said.

“And my sensors are very advanced,” the Doctor said.

“He will get his answer,” Kiara said.

“It is a Stargate. An artefact originally built by a culture who called themselves the Alterans and whom later became the Lantians I mentioned,” Daniel said.

“There are thousands of them across the galaxy,” Mitchell said.

The Doctor was then in thought. “That’s something an arrogant advanced race would do,” he said.

“So, you explore through the Stargate, looking for advanced technology?” Felicia asked.

“That is part of it,” Daniel said.

“There is more, isn’t there?” the Doctor asked.

Mitchell lowered the P90. ‘Not that shooting him would be a good idea anyway. Who knows what this room contains?’ “Yes, there are aliens out there who want to conquer Earth. We defeat one interstellar Empire and we now have an intergalactic invasion to contend with,” he said.

‘The more things change, the more they stay the same,’ Tamsin thought.

“Interesting, I am not a native of this universe but I would like to know more,” the Doctor said.

“Not of this universe?” Daniel asked.

“Yes, there is a whole multiverse out there,” the Doctor said.

“I know. I have been to two parallels,” Daniel said, as he remembered the incidents with the Quantum Mirror.

“Really?” Kiara asked.

“Yes,” Dr. Jackson said.

“The TARDIS can occasionally hop between universes, but not often,” the Doctor said.

“TARDIS?” Colonel Mitchell asked.

“That’s what the ship is called,” Kiara said.

“It means Time and Relative Dimension in Space,” Felicia said.

“Time?” Mitchell asked.

“It travels through time as well as space,” Kiara said.

“Definitely way more advanced than the Lantians,” Daniel said.

“That is interesting, so your civilisation must be powerful in your universe?” Mitchell asked.

‘And they have only seen the console room!’ Kiara thought. She was sure that the Doctor didn’t want them to guess at the true scale of the TARDIS interior yet.

“They are taking their time,” Landry said.

“They could be looking at the various objects in the console room,” Tamsin said.

“I would like to have a look,” Carter said.

“If the Doctor lets you,” Tamsin said.

“Can you trust him?” Landry asked.

“Absolutely. Just don’t get on his bad side,” Tamsin said.

“Is that all?” the general asked.

“Trust me! You don’t want to be on his bad side,” Tamsin said.

“That is not specific, TamsinDavis,” Teal’c said.

“You will know when you’re on his bad side,” Tamsin said.

Teal’c raised his eye brows and glared at Tamsin.

“If you do something very unethical or hypocritical, you are likely to get on his bad side. Otherwise you’re fine.”


“Yes,” Tamsin said.

“Makes sense,” Carter said.

The TARDIS doors opened and Colonel Mitchell and Dr. Jackson emerged.

“Wow,” Mitchell said.

“He was a member of a civilisation that makes the Lantians look like Victorian Britain by comparison,” Daniel said.

“Are you sure?” Carter asked.

“Yes. This machine here can travel in time and the interior is larger than the interior of Atlantis at least,” Daniel said.

“You said ‘was’,” Landry said.

“He said that his civilisation perished in what he called a Time War against a force of approximately equal advancement,” Daniel said.

“Time War? That doesn’t make sense,” Carter said.

“He also said that he has come from a different universe,” Daniel said.

The Doctor and Felicia emerged. “There has to be a reason why I am here. Fill me in on recent events,” he said.

“Come to my office and I’ll fill you and one of your crew in,” Landry said.

“Cool,” Tamsin said.

“You can fill me in,” Kiara said.

“I’ll choose,” the Doctor said.

Kiara acquiesced.

Later that night SG1 sat in the SGC cafeteria.

“What do you think of the Doctor?” Colonel Mitchell asked.

“I don’t know. Other than what he revealed about the nature of his ship and the fate of his civilisation, he is rather private,” Daniel said.

“That’s what I thought too,” Mitchell said.

“What of his crew?” Teal’c asked.

“They are not really crew. More like assistants,” Daniel said.

“Or travelling companions.” Mitchell said.

“They are either from Earth in their universe, or a planet in the Greater Magellanic Cloud,” Daniel said.

“From the United Kingdom,” Teal’c said.

“How do you know?” Mitchell asked.

“Ms. Davis said that she is from the county of Devon. She and Ms. Lovell both have the accent,” Teal’c said.

“I must have missed that,” Mitchell said.

“Do you think that the general would have told him about the Ori?” Carter asked.

“That is possible,” Mitchell said.

“I agree,” Daniel said.

“You think he could be of use?” Mitchell asked.

“Absolutely,” Carter said.

“He had to have encountered similar beings,” Mitchell said.

They continued their discussion.

Felicia heard a knock on the door of the quarters she had been assigned by SGC personnel. She went and opened it. “Hi, Tamsin,” she said.

“I was just wondering how you were,” Tamsin said.

“I am fine,” Felicia said.

“I mean, we had defeated Vile, and now we are in a different universe. We are unlikely to find your Doctor here.”

“It was a long shot at best,” Felicia said with a shrug of her soldiers.

“True,” Tamsin said.

“Thanks for coming by,” Felicia said.

“You’re welcome. Do you think something is going to happen?”

“It’s a military base. I certainly think that something is going to happen. Whether it would be one of those ‘Priors’ coming through that ‘Gate’, I don’t know.”

“I agree.”

“The Doctor might volunteer us to go with one of the SG teams on a mission. I wouldn’t put it past him.”

“Has that happened with your Doctor?”

“Yes, but not often,” Felicia said, remembering one of the times...

“Not that often here, either. But he did ask you to chase after the poisoner,” Tamsin said.

Felicia frowned. “We know how that ended,” she said.

“I admit that, but it did at least put us on the track to taking down Vile,” Tamsin said, encouragingly.

“Thanks,” Felicia said, slightly happier.

“Now, what do you say about going online and finding out about this world?” Tamsin asked.

“Sure. I mean all we know is that America exists and that the Stargate Program is a secret.”


The two acquaintances (nearly friends, although they wouldn’t admit that) then left the room to investigate that world’s internet.

Elsewhere in the SGC, an enlistee sent a letter to their ‘superiors’. The TARDIS may be of interest to them...

2 February 2007
The Doctor entered the cafeteria for breakfast. His companions (including the future one, Felicia) were already there, as were SG-1.

“Welcome, Doctor. Have you found a reason why you are here yet?” Colonel Mitchell asked.

“Possibly, what can you tell me about this ‘Adria’?” the Doctor asked.

“Not much. She is the embodiment of the Ori in human form, and has many powers,” Daniel said.

“What sort of powers?” the Doctor asked.

“Telepathy and Telekinesis and that is the start of it!” Daniel said.

“She can also heal people,” Cameron said.

“Is that all?” the Doctor asked.

“No, but Vala can better answer your questions,” Daniel said.

“Vala?” the Doctor asked.

“Vala Mal Doran, the Ori used her as an incubator for Adria,” Daniel said.

“That’s wrong!” Tamsin said.

“That’s putting it mildly,” Daniel said.

“Where can I find this Vala?” the Doctor asked.

“You would have to ask the General. She is currently exploring Colorado with an escort,” Daniel said, his tone implying that Vala couldn’t be trusted, even with an escort.

“Right! I will be back with her,” the Doctor said. He left the cafeteria.

“Is he doing what I think he is doing?” Daniel asked.

“Yes,” Tamsin said.

“I better accompany him,” Daniel said.

“If he lets you,” Tamsin said.

“I am sure that he will once I explain to him,” Daniel said.

“Be quick then,” Tamsin said, with a shooing motion.

“I will be,” Daniel said.

Rocky Ford, Colorado, United States of America

Vala Mal Doran had just finished breakfast at the Subway on the corner of Elm Street and North Tenth Street, when the TARDIS started to rematerialise.

Her escort pulled their guns on the blue box as it appeared.

Daniel emerged from the TARDIS with his hands raised. “Don’t shoot!” he said.

“Daniel! How did you get here?” Vala asked.

“An interdimensional traveller has arrived in the SGC,” Daniel said.

“Like last year?” she asked.

“No, it’s different, and we shouldn’t be discussing this on a street corner in the middle of a town. Come into the Box and we will go back to the SGC,” Daniel said, he grabbed one of Vala’s wrists and pulled her into the TARDIS.

“Wait, Daniel!”

Vala was shocked. “How can this box be bigger on the inside than the outside?” she wondered aloud.

“It is the product of a civilisation that would make the Ancients look primitive by comparison,” Daniel said.

“Really?” Vala asked, as her escort began to enter the TARDIS.

“Yes,” Daniel said.

“This is as classified as the Stargate, got it!” the Doctor said.

“I understand, Sir,” the leader of the escort said, whilst trying to hide his awe at the interior scale of the TARDIS.

“Good,” the Doctor said.

“We’re going back to the SGC?” Vala asked.

“Yes, where you are going to tell me all about Adria,” the Doctor said.

Vala tensed.

“Don’t worry, the Doctor just wants information,” Daniel said.

“Right,” Vala said, still worried.

“Here we go,” the Doctor said.

Stargate Command

The TARDIS rematerialised in the Gateroom. Vala emerged first. “Why do you want to know about Adria? And what kind of name is ‘Doctor’ anyway?” she asked.

“I may be able to help against the forces of the Ori. Stop their plan for taking over this galaxy,” the Doctor said.

“Really?” Vala asked.

“Yes,” the Doctor said.

“We better go to the briefing room,” Vala said.

“Yes,” Daniel said.

A few hours later, the Doctor entered General Landry’s office.

“Are you saying that you want your assistants to join SG-1 on their next mission?” General Landry asked.

“Yes,” the Doctor said.

“Why should I approve of this idea?”

“They may be able to notice something that SG-1 might miss.”

“They would be liabilities!”

“They can handle themselves.”


“You don’t know half of the things I encounter on a regular basis. Things that make the Goa’uld look like school yard bullies by comparison!”

“That’s not proof that they can handle themselves, only that you can handle the threats that you encounter.”

The Doctor backed off slightly. “Kiara is a native of a world in a medieval era. She has fought things there that you cannot imagine.

“Don’t insult my intelligence. I could imagine what the Goa’uld look like just from the mission reports without any pictures.”

The Doctor paced in front of the desk before turning back to the general. “The point is, that she would be able to handle herself in a combat situation. She may surprise SG-1.”

“Fine, but what about the other two? All I know about them is that they are British college students,” the General said.

“Ms. Davis has been in combat situations before and handled them well. She also has a black belt in Karate,” the Doctor said.

“I will think about it. But that leaves Ms. Lovell, whom has said that she has only joined you recently.”

“In the most recent adventure of ours, she has proved most resourceful...” the Doctor began.

The General listened intently.

The Doctor approached his companions where they were talking in the cafeteria.

“Doctor, in this universe, Atlantis was an Ancient city that they left under the ocean in another galaxy,” Tamsin said.

“Interesting,” he said. “After a lot of persuasion, the general has agreed to let you go on SG-1’s next mission.”

“That’s good!” Kiara said.

“You will have to obey Colonel Mitchell’s commands,” the Doctor said.

“That’s obvious,” Tamsin said.

“Try to find out what this ‘Adria’ person is planning with regard to conversion of the Milky Way to Origin or whatever that religion is called,” the Doctor said.

“That would be difficult,” Kiara said.

“Of course it will be, but at least try,” the Doctor said.

“Of course I will,” Kiara said.

“We won’t let you down,” Tamsin said.

“That’s good,” the Doctor said.
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