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Re: Does It Get Better???

You aren't going to see THAT many risks taken in Voyager overall although there are a few episodes that are quite different for Trek here and there.
I think Voyager's first season is actually fairly solid and better than their second season. "Prime Factors", "Phage", "Faces" and "Jetrel" were all very strong episodes IMO. What makes those episodes inferior in your opinion compared with DS9 and TNG's first season? (which I felt was poorer than VOY's although I do like DS9 and TNG more overall).

Voyager's quite distinctively split between "early" and "late" Voyager for me. It gets kind of revamped in season 4 and most people prefer season 4 + Voyager to the first 3 seasons. You may lose a little bit of patience in season 2 and 3 but starting with Season 3 Episode 21, the show goes on a very long quality streak into a rather excellent season 4 buoyed by a new character who became my favorite evar Trek character.

Overall, I would say lower your expectations from DS9 and don't expect it to be as involved or complex or take as many risks. I watched Voyager after DS9 and became quite annoyed with all the missed opportunities and continuity errors. But once I was able to just accept the fact the show didn't live up to its full potential, I realized how much I actually enjoyed the show. Despite it being less cohesive overall than DS9 (my favorite Trek show) it actually has one more episode in my favorite 20 episodes.
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