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Re: Does It Get Better???

It has its moments later on, but significantly? No. The show changes, but does so mostly by dropping almost all of the season 1 Delta Quadrent issues (things like the replicator rations, the Maquis integration, the political state of the Delta Quadrent in regards to the Kazon, and so forth.) It also eventually ends up focusing most heavily on the Doctor and a character who shows up in season four – think how the TNG films became the Picard and Data Show, for example, to the exclusion of developing any other characters. Similar situation. Voyager has been described as "TNG Lite," and that's pretty accurate. It's fun for what it is, but it never becomes groundbreaking TV.

If you want to keep watching, you should be warned that season 2 and I think 3 are widely regarded as weaker than season 1. Take that as you will.
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