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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I think the synopsis was written generically but I found it interesting and if it is well acted then I think it could be a good movie...
How? There's not a dramatic moment or real scene in it - which is kind of a giveaway. It's a bunch of familiar sequences which appear to have been lifted from different versions of the Superman story, described in more specific detail than makes any sense for a synopsis and which build toward...nothing, in emotional or storytelling terms. It has that amateurish style of going on, relating incident after incident with no emotional or character emphasis (other than synopsizing the occasional confessional monologue or moment of bluster), building no tension at all until it just stops. There's no point of view, no twist or inspiration to it - it's the kind of thing kids make up by chattering back and forth - "oh yeah, you know what else would be cool?" Meh.

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Amy Adams isn't just any old actress as the point has been made to you before several times and the point is that you've made your point about her like umpteen times in this thread without even seeing know...act in the role.
In fact, he has failed to make any worthwhile point at all.
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