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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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On a different note. If we're assuming that everyone has the Zombie virus, that when you die, you become a Walker... one of the "side effects" is a regenerative power that works for most injuries (like gun shots & arrows) , but not against the Zombie killer bacteria. That's how a guy who was in a coma & dehydrated can make it out alive, or Carl & Daryl recovering in 2 daYA or Merle making it out... That's my quasi-serious fan theory on that.
Actually that's not a bad theory. More importantly, it provides a plausible theory as to the origin of the plague in the first place.

I've always thought that one good rationale for a zombie outbreak is malfunctioning nano-bots that were designed as medical aids to keep people (most likely soldiers alive). The bots were designed to keep the host alive and mobile at all costs. The problem was that their programing was both good and flawed. The same directive that made them keep the host "alive" had the unintended consequence of killing the host. In order to stay mobile, the bots intern recognized that they had to take over the body's command center and thus assumes control over the brain. Equally significant is the fact that the bots, in order to constantly repair damaged tissue and keep the lumbering body functional would need constant injections of new organic material. In a living being this would not be a problem as it would simply eat what it needs, break down the components and the bots would use the materials to keep things moving. But since the nanobots killed the body, digestion and recirculation no longer occurs. Thus the machines program the whats left of the body to seek out healthy organic material similar to that of the this case a healthy human. It tries to consume additional human material and tries to make repairs. Its never fully successful since the body is dead. The bots are just too dumb to recognize that their program has already they keep going until someone destroys the neural net put in place to keep the body mobile in the brain. This scenario also explains why the zombie plague is immune to traditional medicine. No doctor would have experience treating organic being suffering from a mechanical infection. Jenner could actually see what was happening but have no concept of how to treat the virus since what he was looking at was not a virus. Its the same basic premise as the medical nano technology that mutates humans into childlike monsters in "The Empty Child" on Doctor Who.

This concept makes zombies less a metaphysical menace, but one of human origin. The tragedy is that it was not even created as a weapon but a beneficial technology that was both imperfect yet worked a little too well.
I doubt the show will ever go into any detailed explanation, but yours is actually kind of clever.
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