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Re: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Comic Book "Reboot."

I got Volume 1 today of the original comic book series hard cover.

This is an awesome book. Thick, heavy, almost 300 pages long, filled with the first 7-issues of the comic (plus a Raphael-centric one-shot) and commentary from Eastman and Laird (TMNT's creators) in between the issues. And for $25 from Amazon a bargain from the $50 cover price.

I'll have to give it a read later (I never really read the TMNT comics from either the original Mirage comics nor the Archie comic series. I was more of a fan of the turtles through the cartoon. As a kid when I paged through the Mirage comics I wasn't impressed with the art or the black-and-white format so I passed them by, and the Archie comic series I wasn't a big fan of either, although I liked the Archie comics themselves.

Anyway, can't wait to give this volume a look through and look forward to the future volume(s). This is an impressive book and for $25 a steal!
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