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Re: Planet of the Titans U.S.S. Enterprise

Yeah, that was an MD-11 piece--i.e. DC-10 part--that caused the crash that helped end Concorde.

I like the flat saucer myself. The photon torpedo bay needs to go there, but perhaps you could shave the front of it at an incline back from the front of the secondary hull a bit...

We have seen study model attempts, an uncompleted mesh of the McQuarrieprize with the flat Ken Adam saucer, but no one has done a mesh closely replicating what we saw on McQuarries two best paintings of the concept, the front and rear 3/4 shots.

The Ken Adam study model painting was of a less wide secondary hull wedge and a deeper saucer we see enter the asteroid station finally brought to screen in Archer's Mirror Darkly ENTERPRISE episode. That actually had a cowl to either side of the nacelle that wasn't added to the study model he made that found their way in TNG Best of Both worlds or Reunification.

But the two 3/4 shots had a rounder, smoother edge that I liked over Adams very flat edge--not that that looked bad either.

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