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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

The thing about MP being Bond's age is that today there would seem to be some sort of crutch as to why she is out of 007's reach. We talked ages ago about if there were a lovely black actress cast as Penny. It would be so awesome for us to see the progressive thinking in the series, but it is also kind of backhanded- oh you finally have a black gal working at MI6 and she is the one chick that Bond can't/won't/doesn't bag? No fair! It is the Live and Let Die Syndrome- the black women who sleep with Bond die, and Jane Seymour has to be a virgin so long as she is with Yaphet Kotto. I'd hate to see what could be nice casting also be a miscasting for today's Moneypenny. Does what I mean make sense?

Since the series has gotten a bit a way from traditional Bondian aspects that some of us like and want back, I think either Q or Moneypenny have to be older or back to the way it was in some way. If it can't be Q now, it should be MP. By the way, I don't know who the guy is playing Q, I've never seen him in anything and perhaps part of my problem with him is that he does look like he belongs on the show MI-5 instead of in a 007 movie. The new young tech guys they have now on MI-5 seriously are not as good as the original Malcolm and Colin. I'd like to see someone like that as Q, but eh.
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