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Re: Planet of the Titans U.S.S. Enterprise

Nerdgasm. Don't make the surface too busy and no windows. The Ent has electronic viewing ports, no window washers. It also had some sleek lines painted on. Check out Vector's designs. The reason why it was never used? GREED.. There's something seriously wrong with the universe if it's never used and you're not paid handsomely for your work with McQuarry's designs. Congrads. Different in this case is always better, especially with the deflector dish. Very nice touch. Much better.. the best of both worlds. It's much better with the curved pylons but the the saucer seems a little too flat and/or the space station is too cramped. The saucer head needs alot of space above it for no other reason than because it does. Either that or the saucer has to be bulkier or thicker. There were two phase two ships. A elongated version and a shorter one with stockier nacelles. You picked the one I always loved luckily and the better one - the longer one. Though the other one could still be used as a smaller model version. There was also the round saucer ship seen in All Good Things as the medical vessel that I liked alot. Ironically I think that can have alot of windows for some aesthetic reason, and please don't tell me aesthetics have nothing to do with it. Nice job.
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