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Re: Trek Nation...Good, Bad, or Indifferent?

I nearly fell outta my chair with hysterical laughter when he said he liked the fact his Dad cheated on his Mom, it made him "seem more human".
It made me scream out loud, "YOUR OWN MOTHER WAS ONE OF HIS MISTRESSES DURING HIS FIRST MARRIAGE!!!” Why do you think she landed a lead role in The Cage? She was dismissed because she was a HORRIBLE actress (emphasis on the "WHORE") and the executives knew she was there because she was sleeping with the producer. Seriously, what happened to Roddenberry’s surviving daughter? Last I heard, she tried to sue Majel Barrett. I’m sure she would have much more interesting stories for Rod to hear, rather than hearing Nichelle Nichols’ MLK story… AGAIN. Also, I wish that he would have spoken with Harlan Ellison about Roddenberry. He always worth a few laughs and doesn't beat around the bush about people.
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