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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

187. Mimic [Director's Cut] (C)

I picked this up for less than five dollars through Amazon, so I can't say I was too disappointed by the purchase, although the film wasn't as good as I had hoped. Visually, it's obviously from Guillermo Del Toro (and as excellent in look as you would expect), but on other levels the film isn't nearly as successful. The characters, for one thing, are barely developed. Even the lead, played by Mira Sorvino, is pretty thin. She's a scientist, she loves her husband, and she's pregnant. That's about it -- and she's the most developed character in the movie!

Still, in terms of atmosphere, the movie is an excellent work of horror-sf. When it gets down to having a handful of capable people trapped in the underground of New York, fighting off giant insects, it's executed about as well as a movie with that premise could be. Alas, with a re-write or two, it could have been so much more. For one thing, the original ending that Del Toro describes on the DVD is chilling just to hear. It's a shame he was never able to film it.

I caught a preview screening of Sleeping Beauty last night, but I think I need to let the movie sit with me before I make any judgments about it. Tammy Macintosh (Jool of Farscape has a supporting role -- it's nice to see her getting work in something this visible internationally).
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