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Re: Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions review thread (spoiler

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As to some of your questions, I have speculative answers to some, but I'm keeping those under my hat for the time being, just in case I end up writing another Mirror Universe novel someday. Let's just say that if one combined the TV series Fringe with the TNG episode "Parallels," one would have a good idea where Memory Omega is getting its brilliant technology.
LOL, they're sliders! I'm glad this idea, incorporated into Star Trek with the Ke Hovath multi-dimensional transporter from Warpath, might return. Would put a different spin on Myriad Universes...

Has it ever been explained why the Mirror Universe is the default alternate universe for the prime universe beyond the wormhole crossover resulting from prophets needing a MU emissary? Fringe kinda has this issue too, but it remains to be seen how they handle what exactly the Amberverse is.
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