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Re: Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions review thread (spoiler

Sci wrote: View Post
Ronald Held wrote: View Post
10 billions deaths is not a high body count??
Pffft. Ten billion is only one-sixth of his record.
And I didn't even break a sweat. "Look, Ma no hands!"

DS9forever wrote: View Post
^Are you J. Noah Kym as well by any chance?
Nope. I know the man, and I'm definitely not him.

toughlittleship wrote: View Post
There were clues if you look closely, Parek Tonn was mentioned in Saturn's Children, and appeared in Warpath.
Very good! A lot of people don't know that Parek Tonn was a nod to "Crown of Iron," the audition script John J. Ordover and I wrote that helped us land our first scripting gig at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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So I guess you wrote the two highest rated stories in my reviews of the two short novel anthologies David.
Good to know.
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