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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Second Sight was crap, but Rivals is crappiest. The sad thing is there is nothing riveting or interesting about Second Sight, its like the writers ran out of ideas, and in the middle half of season 2, of DS9, that happened. Thank God for the Dominion or DS9 would have snuffed it sometime in season 3.

I would like to blame Rick Berman for thinking DS9 could work like TNG, and not getting Ira Steven Behr captaining the series far sooner (as Ira Steven Behr actually devised many of the story arcs, and envisioned the proper format we all know and love about DS9).

So f*** you Rick Berman, f*** you, you lazy ass motherf-

Well you get the point, Rick Berman was by now thinking about VOY and for him DS9 took a back seat. Because of this DS9 suffered horribly, but that's the problem with the TNG make-it-up as-you-go-along method for writing episodes. Sometimes the episodes work, sometimes you hit the jackpot, and quite a few times you fail miserably like with Second Sight.

To add insult to injury they also reused that weird red dress in Star Trek Generations.
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