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Re: American Horror Story Discussion (Spoilers)

They've changed the traditional antichrist story somewhat so that the father of the antichrist isn't Satan but rather a ghost who is somehow serving as Satan's stand-in. I guess there are no real rules governing such things. Maybe the Pope's Magic Box can enlighten us further.

But I think there needs to be more to Tate than just being a ghost for him to qualify as uniquely evil enough to serve in such an exhalted role. My theory is that he's the son of Frankenbaby, who in turn was re-animated with the help of Satan, because there's sure no natural way that could have happened.

Or maybe Tate is directly the son of Satan? I could easily see Constance signing on the dotted line in return for fame and fortune, but of course people who make deals with the Devil never read the fine print...
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