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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Weren't you already accused of that in the VOY review?
Yeah, but in future arguments I get to point to the fact that I nitpicked a DS9 fan favourite, that will give me cred with the Voyager fans.

Kestrel wrote: View Post
TheGodBen wrote: View Post were seeing Odo's first interactions with Dukat, Kira, and Odo.
Clearly I need to rewatch this episode.
Oops, I must have been thinking of The Adversary.

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I thought Li Nalis was played by Treat Williams.
Nope, Richard Beymer.

Second Sight ()

What is love? Baby, don't hurt me. Don't hurt me no more.

Wait, didn't I already do this joke earlier in the week?

You know, when I complained about Bashir falling in love with a woman he had known for two days back in Melora, I could at least kinda justify it (if I wanted to, which I didn't) by saying that he read her file and thought he knew her, kinda like how Geordi thought he knew Leah Brahms after he had sex with her hologram (that part wasn't shown onscreen, but I can assure you that it happened). But here Sisko falls in love with a woman of an unknown species after talking with her for 10 minutes. He didn't even get to do the vertical mambo (the 0.01G version of the horizontal mambo) with her. Also, when a beautiful woman walks up to me for a brief conversation and disappears when I turn my back on her for a second, I don't wake up the next morning feeling chipper, I wake up with a hangover because I blame my horrifying personality for scaring away another one, thus fuelling my burgeoning alcoholism. The Sisko presented in this episode is not a human being as I understand them.

So, this woman Sisko is bizarrely in love with runs away and he tries to track her down, but all he has to go by is a glass slipper... or am I confusing this story with something else? Anyway, Sisko finds the woman living with her evil step-husband, but she's not really her. Also, her step-husband isn't evil, he's just Dr Bashir turned up to 11 and without his charm or humanity. It turns out that the woman Sisko loves is some sort of magical out-of-body experience thing that's killing the evil step-husband's wife and so the step-husband makes the selfishly selfless act of killing himself by turning into a star. Follow any of that? Who cares?

It's basically a TNG episode, and as much as it tries to pass itself off as a Sisko episode I learned barely anything about him. I want to see more about Sisko, he hasn't had an episode focus on him since Emissary, and I think that this episode focused on him because they had no idea what else to do with the character. They could have focused some more on his role as Emissary, they could have done something with Jake, they could have given him an actual relationship like they would later do with Kassidy Yates, but instead they took an episode that was supposed to be based around Bashir and gave it to Sisko. Yes, Sisko gets Bashir's sloppy seconds because Melora was deemed too good for him.
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