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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Anyone who doesn't find Amy Adams at least "cute" (if not out-right hot) has... issues.
I haven't even seen the movie and I already know that Amy Adams will be my favorite Lois EVER!

I am the type of guy that finds "cute" to be extremely hot!
Of all the movie Loisssesss. Loisess. Lois's.... Loiss... Er, Of all the movie versions of Lois Lane she'd probably the best. Excluding the old serials from the 50s, of course.

I never liked Margot Kidder, not physically and her raspy chain-smoking voice was a big turn off. What's-her-name from Returns while making some of the physical requirement for Lois was just... bland. But pretty much everyone and everything in that movie was bland.
Margot Kidder was a major turn off for me for the very reasons you mentioned.
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