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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Logged in last night for a little bit. Glad I got that Delta Flyer and Aegis set finished up, looks like everything crafting-related just got a bunch harder (same exact cost in other materials, but now each of them takes a bunch of non-replicatable materials. Not sure where those come from yet).

Don't know that I'm a huge fan of the way the new signage works at ESD, but in general, revamp doesn't look too bad. Had to do the full respec, and I'm sure I didn't pick things to maximize the potential there. Would be curious to see how other people spec out their characters, see what i could do differently.

Looks like there's a couple of new missions (Dominion-related) that popped up as well...

Trek, should see about coordinating that bank re-org with Timelord cleaning up the fleet assignments/ranks a bit. If we can take the 7-8 levels of rank we have now and cut it down to 5 or so like I suggested, might make it easier to logically seperate out the levels of bank permissions a bit as well. Not saying my suggestions are the pefect way to go, but think it was a bit cleaner than what we've got, and might fit the needs of our fleet size/composition a bit more.

Actually, I'm planning on being around Sunday and having some time to screw with things. I'd be willing to help out doing the Fleet re-org if it's possible to get enough permissions to make those sorts of changes. Temporary promotion to Chief Warrant Officer? Only thing I'd really need to know is the current list of members and their ranks, but assume that shows up on the fleet management screen. One of the leader-types would have to come up with the list for who they want in the Admiralty group, as well, based on most active members, specialty skills, and a couple on location as well...
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