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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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That's odd because it's not the focus of the episode (which is Kira deceiving Odo, not Kira killing the guy).
I've read several DS9 first-timer threads and that point comes up pretty much every time. As for Kira deceiving Odo, I can kinda see it, but not really. Kira didn't know Odo back then and it's made clear earlier in the episode that they haven't talked about those events since that time. I'm not going to bring up events from my past that I'm ashamed about unless I'm prompted into doing so, I don't see why Kira should be expected to do differently.

Overall, I think you're underrating this episode quite a bit. The monologues might over-emphasize the noir mood to a degree, but they're also frequently hilarious (for example Odo's comment about humanity's urge to store records of everything).
Which doesn't even make sense, Odo worked for the Cardassians and the show has previously described them as meticulous record-keepers. The idea that they didn't insist on Odo recording a log, or that Odo suddenly finds Starfleet's requirements overly burdensome, they seem kind of weird.

Yes, I'm nit-picking, that's what I do, I pick nits. I picked the nits out of Voyager and now I'm doing the same to DS9 so that nobody can accuse me for being a Trekist.

When an episode makes an important contribution to the overall fabric of the series like that, while being awesome in its own right, that's about as much as a single episode can really accomplish.
And some great episodes contain annoyances that lose them points. That's always the way my scores have worked.
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