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Re: Re-booting TNG For TV?

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The only reason why Star Trek would or should be made animation style is if The Cartoon Network is interested in it. Therefore, the shows that are already on The Cartoon Network are the relevant reference point. Shows made in Japan are not relevant. This is not about artistry or quality, it's about a cold-blooded business decision.

I'd rather have live-action Star Trek. Animation is only preferable if it's the only way it will happen at all.
Which is why most television and films suck these substance to them at all, just pumping out more products, all quantity and little to no quality. If it's all about that, Hollywood's no getting my money, and I am sure there are others who think the same. Why do you think that I have not paid for a movie ticket in about 10 years? There's nothing catches my attention. It's mainly been either sci-fi books, or my paranormal research that's been keeping me going.

I recommend you look up some of the animations I mentioned and feel free to do some research yourself, you'll be pretty impressed, and from reading your past posts, surprised, at what you'll see. If you stop looking at it through a cold hard business point of view, what you'll be seeing will be more enjoyable. Especially since all that's on TV these days is either trashy reality shows, TMZ brain numbness, or sports.
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