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Re: American Horror Story Discussion (Spoilers)

Oh the last five minutes were the best! Constance's ghost-whisperer pal (Billie) came over to chat and Constance asked about the possibility of ghosts being able to father children. Billie thought it would be unusual and then started talking about the Pope's Box, which reveals that the antichrist will be "born of flesh and spirit," which implies that the twin that Tate fathered is going to be the antichrist (without that necessarily meaning that Tate is Satan, I suppose?) I'm just waiting for Ben's child to be the Second Coming so the babies can duke it out with the fate of humanity at stake. Second season finale, perhaps?

When Ben called Luke (the security guy) over to the house to rant about his suspicions, I wonder why he didn't take the opportunity to bitch about the way people waltz into the house like it's Grand Central Station.

And speaking of that, did Vivien and Luke ever have sex or was that a delusion or dream or what? Luke made it sound like they had.
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