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Re: American Horror Story Discussion (Spoilers)

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Gotta love that hospital administrator, thinking it's a great idea to call up the husband of a psychiatric patient just to make sure he knows his wife cheated on him.

Vivien, get a lawyer, your troubles are over. Once you get that multimillion-dollar settlement, you'll be able to buy twenty mansions, none of them infested with ghosts.
Maybe the doctor didn't have any concept of patient confidentiality rights.

So now Travis is a ghost, too? I can't wait to find out Constance's reaction to the fact that Hayden murdered her boytoy.

I have to admit the Black Dahlia ghost seemed like an afterthought. The writers never introduced her until last night's episode. So why didn't she show up on Halloween?

I like how each of the women (ghost or not) appears to have her own motives. Moira is protective of Vivien and is very loyal to her. Constance, whatever her intentions are, wants Vivien's babies. And Hayden wants nothing more than to be rid of Vivien.

I dozed off and missed the last five minutes of the show.
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