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Re: Trek Nation...Good, Bad, or Indifferent?

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I didn’t like how the documentary didn’t acknowledge Gene Roddenberry’s first marriage, where he two daughters that appeared in the episode Miri, even though they claimed that he cheated on Majel. They use an 80’s clip of Roddenberry talking about he “lost his family” when he was working on the original series and they showed a picture of him with Majel and Rod to emphasis this. How could he of lost that family when he wasn’t remarried until after the show was cancelled? They also tried to make it seem like Roddenberry couldn’t get any work after Star Trek, because of his “bold vision.” BULLSHIT. He produced Pretty Maids All in a Row, three failed pilot and worked on the animated series (which wasn’t mentioned), so he wasn’t starving until he got the deal to do the motion picture.
Yeah, as much as I liked it, as I was a bit disappointed that his first marriage and his daughters weren't mentioned. It did make that comment from the 80's interview seem rather strange as he wasn't married to Majel until '69 and they didn't have Rod until '74.
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