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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Yep, sounds like we've got the same idea, just a matter of doing some re-org. Really not too far off, just eliminating some officer ranks, giving full members (officers in my scheme) a little more access, and tweaking bank rights a bit. Ability for regular members to create events is crucial, especially since we're going to have to grind STFs a lot more for any of the new crap they're putting in.

And yeah, Hartzilla grabbed the DF spec for me while he was crafting my Aegis set, good to go there, thanks. Ran out of time to grind that on my alt toon, so nice to have that in the shuttlebay before the patch hits (today?).

We'll see how F2P goes, but would be nice to be more active. Which should happen a little on its own if they get around to giving us something to DO again. And definitely need some US representation in the Admiralty pool. Looks fine to you guys, you're all on together. Tough to find anyone around with full permissions once you guys go to bed, though...

Although no matter what, suspect you're right; probably won't be more than the usual 6-7 of us when we try to do anything anyway, so all just a thought exercise
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