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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

So we are pretty much on the same page her...

Hopefully Free to Play will fill up the normal member ranks a bit.
What we call them is really semantics...

I never got around to sending you that Delta Flyer schematic, but you I understand you got that covered?

Spreading out fleet administrators across timezones would be a good thing, however atm I think the vast majority if the members is in fact in Europe...
So we really have to get the US side of things into second gear.
Normally Aelius, the actual fleet founder, covered the US pretty well, but he has been out of STO commission for awhile more or less.

I agree, setting fleet events should be opened up to all members.
That way everyone can set up when he'd liek to do specific things and others know when and where to join in.
Might help to generate some fleet activity.

What I'd really like would a full fleet assembly at some point after free to play.
To see where we actually are with active members and what people want out of the fleet.
That might prove difficult though, I suspect only the few usual suspects would show up.
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