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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

127 Hours: The true story of that guy who got trapped in a narrow canyon with his arm wedged between the canyon wall and a boulder. James Franco is good in the leading role and the movie itself is gripping eventhough it's just Franco trapped in one place. The movie's full use of sights and sounds as well as the occasional dream sequence make the time go by. I was dreading the moment when he'd have to cut his own arm off, but it wasn't as grusome as I thought it would be and it was well shot, again making excellent use of sound and good cinematography to take us through the experience. I didn't recognize Clémence Poésy, but somehow, I knew she was French when I saw her move her lips without sound. Weird. Anyway, great movie. I wonder if they'll do a sequel where he gets the other arm trapped. I kid.
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