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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Wasn't trying to stir up any trouble, it's just something that had been kinda annoying me lately. Last 8-9 months have been weird anyway, since Cryptic kinda abandoned the game, so hasn't been as much draw to play as often. Hopefully that'll pick back up.

But yeah, it's been kind of strange in a smaller fleet to have things locked down so hard. Great for the couple people that have access, restrictive for the rest of us. Since there's realistically only a dozen or so of us that actually play semi-regularly, having a big structure, different priviledges for the 'higher ups' has been odd, when it should really be more community feel for a small group. I'm sure no one would ever say no to giving out something in the bank (unless they put it in there to stash for their own alt), but since there's rarely anyone online in our fleet when i join in, not really anyone to ask. Seems most of the people that are officers in the fleet are also on European time, so unless you're pulling an all-nighter, no one's around when i pop in after work.

Obviously there needs to be bank limits to prevent thieves and whatnot, just think we've gone too far in basically locking everything except green gear to the couple officers. first off, EVERY tab should have limits on numbers of items (honestly, probably for everyone but the quartermaster). No one needs to remove more than, say 5 items a day from the bank. that pretty much prevents the thief situation alone. And whatever the introductory level of membership is, that should remain limited to the green stuff, with the caveat that you can ask for better stuff if someone else in the fleet is around.

My opinion is that pretty much everyone should have access to the rest, though. With the fleet so inactive in the first place, are officers really doing anything to justify being able to get the purple gear, data samples, and money in the first place? When trying to mail Hartzilla the parts to build the Aegis set last night, I was short a few data samples, and they were in the bank, but no one was around. Ended up having to go to the primary toon and buy them, mail them to the alt. Not a big deal, just annoying that they were there, but inaccessable. Damned data samples are expensive, but had to get it done that night to finish the crafting, and ran out of time to grind for them.

Instead of locking that section away, why not just more more strict rules on how many items you can pull in a day? 5 items in the green bin, X amount of dollars, 2-3 blue tab items, 1 purple item? Obviously quartermaster and leader wouldn't have those restrictions, and you'd have to still have a few 'upper level' people that would be online more often so they could pull things for someone if they needed something, but I'd rather see it lined up more that way. Still prevents the robbing, but makes it more accessable for real fleet users. Might see more action in the bank, too, rather than the static thing we've got going. When the green gear isn't really used often, and the good stuff is locked out, not a lot of giving and taking anymore.

As for a fleet reshuffle? Sure, maybe not a bad idea. Probably due for a reshuffling and simplification anyway. As for how, here's my suggestion:

Leader obviously, staff, members, and recruits. Not sure we need more divisions than that. Suppose you gotta go with a Trek feel, given that we're the TrekBBS fleet, so maybe you call them Fleet Admiral, Admiral, Officer, and Enlisted. If you want to add more protection, you add a 5th rank, Cadet.

Cadet would be a introductory thing, limited bank or fleet priviledges. 1-2 green items a day, maybe 1 blue thing, but basically gotta ask for anything decent in the bank. Wouldn't stay in that spot long, but it lets you try out people with the fleet without a ton of risk of raiding or anything.

Make Enlisted (participated in a few fleet events, helped out with leveling, etc), you've now got whatever the 'normal' fleet settings are, green tab bank rights for 5 or so items a day, limited blue tab rights (1-2 items a day), and ask for help with Purple items/data samples.

Officer rank would be for people that have been around in the fleet a while and appear to be helping/not abusing the bank. Enlisted members that participate in TrekBBS and/or are LTS members would get a quicker promotion. Officer would be the normal 'full member' rank, most people would get to that rank and stay. More fleet priviledges (ability to create fleet events, for exmaple, would be good), bank structure would be more like open green, 5 or so blue items, 1 or 2 purple items/day, not sure how to structure data samples, but should have decent access. Officers should probably have at least one toon at/near endgame and be decent/helpful. Basically, more priviledge (for bank and for creating events) than the current Chief position, but not wide open. Really this would be about where I'd like to be with regards to what I can do in a fleet.

The staff postion, Admirals, would be what you described as Adjuntant, would be the guys you go to when you want stuff from the bank. Should probably try and aim it so you've got a couple different time zones covered, so there's a chance someone's around. Shouldn't be a ton of these people, but enough to cover us. Can have the Quartermaster in that group, as well as a couple heavy crafters, people that want to help run events or be around to level players, run PvP, whatever. Essentially, the trusted power users. Fleet settings and bank would be essentially wide open, as they'd be expected to be trusted and contributing members, plus need to get into the bank to give to others.

Fleet Admiral would obviously be you, and wide open as you control the settings anyway. You'd essentially be acting as part of the Admiralty anyway, you'd just get the snazzy uniform for having the extra hassle of setting this stuff up (and probably being one of the heavier contributors to the bank anyway).

Anyway, that's my suggestion. Seems to structure things the way it feels they'd benefit the most people, and limit any risk of bank raiding. Just feel the current setup is more officer-centric, and way more limited for the normal 'full' member. probably got to look at the groupings too, as we haven't had any changes in a while, and you don't see many of the officers around much, which really limits things. And we've only had a couple fleet events in the last year, would be nice if more full members could create/run events. Not sure I see the downside in allowing more activity. If we can't be more active, might need to look at mergers...

Hopefully, when Cryptic gets moving again with content soon, activity will pick up a bit. Pretty depressing when I click the fleet roster tab and I'm always the only one there...
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