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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I understand the idea behind the locked tabs for larger fleets, but not really a big fan of it in our smaller, less active fleet. We're all welcome to donate to the fleet, but kinda annoying that anything good is restricted to the couple fleet officers we have. Makes sense to restrict lower-level recruits, but been playing just about since launch, and only with this fleet, and 8+ years on the BBS, why am I locked out again?

Convenient for the multiple toons of the fleet leaders, but not as much for us mid-level members. Honestly, I don't use the bank much because of the restrictions on anything good. Used to put more in back when it was more free-flowing, but now just feels like a donation to the people that already are doing just fine. Point of a fleet bank is to be able to share the wealth when you get stuff, and grab a little help when you need it as well, no?

Along those lines, what do you actually have to DO to get promoted from Chief to any of the lower officer ranks? LTS, played for almost 2 years on and off, donate to the banks when I get stuff I don't want (except that more and more tabs are restricted), help people with missions when I'm online, have tried to set up events every once in a while, etc. Other than being one of the guys that signed up to the Fleet first, not sure what else can be done there. Disappointing that TrekBBS is so under-represented on STO anyway, would be nice if the fleet wasn't so dead...
I realize that.
That's why I have been thinking about what to change lately.
The reason for the restrictions is simply security. It's not a matter of privilige.
If you look for it on the STO forum there are several threads raging about fleet bank clear outs by thiefs who do their best to get into the good grace of fleet mates to get full access and the next day, the fleet is empty.
These things happen and Cryptic won't or can't do anything about that. They gave us the tools to prevent this sort of thing happenening.
Now we had things a little strict perhaps and could losen things up, so you don't have to ask everytime for a high quality item.
Which you could always do, btw, that one bank tab is labled officer deposit, yes, but it really just means officers are the only one with direct access, NOT that only officers are allowed to have what's in there.
It's just a matter of bad communication. Everything I post in here will get quickly buried under the newer posts.
This is the matter with a lot of general fleet information.
Perhaps there is a way to edit a general fleet guideline into the very first post of the fleet thread? Can a mod confirm this?

Now, since a lot of changes are imminent anyway in the game, it's as good a time as any to reorganize things in the fleet as well.

My philosophy is not really to have a system of rank and achievement, where you donate X items and are y months a member to get to the top.

My general idea was to have new recruits start with restrictions to the bank indeed, it would be stupid to not have that, since effectively everyone can invite anyone into the fleet. And it's opportunity that makes thiefs sometimes...

Then there is the normal member status, which we named Crewman at the moment.
This is the everyday rank which represents already ull membership with bank access, a fleet uniform to show colors and everything.
if you are a Chief, you ae not that much different, it just shows that you have played to endgame and know your stuff.
A normal member can always identify the game veterans (which ultimately everyone would become eventually).
And here it stops basically.
There should not be elitism that can be achieved through grinding and putting lots of stuff into the bank or other stuff.

Officers in the fleet are not supposed to be superiors to everyone else, more the opposite in fact.
Everyone who volunteers to be an officer is showing a willingness to take up responsibilities for the fleet and it's members.
That would range from helping others to level, get certain equipment, helping with crafting, running and leading PvP and STF teams, giving general advice and having an eye on and maintaining the fleet bank.
Some of these require certain priviliges like extended (or in Trek's case as quartermaster unlimited) access.
It's ok to use these priviliges for one's own benefit, but the forst reason for this is to administer to the fleet in a controlled manner.
Anyone who needs something out of the bank should and is encouraged to send a mail to us and he will receive his stuff asap. No one will ever say no.

Officers won't be officers for much longer, since this indeed describes a superiority.
my personal favorite as a replacement name is adjutant, but that can be open for discussion.

being an Adjutant (or whatever we will end up calling it) is a voluntary position, any full member can be one.
But we will take a look if it makes sense to "promote".
if only three coremember are only ever online we don't need a bunch of administrators, since there is nothing to administrate.
So having 50 members in the fleet and every single one ultimately becoming the highest "rank" short of leader (which will also be renamed) and no more regular members will never happen. That just doesn't make sense.

If you have a specialty in game however, that you feel could benefit the other players please let me know, and we will take a look if there is room for you to be a fleet adjutant.
For example, you are great at PvP and are tired of playing with PUGs all the time, you can be our PvP guy.
It would be helpful if you are more or less regularly online and are willing to motivate people and organize teams and PvP runs, maybe have a look out for tournaments with other fleets where we could participate.

You have fun crafting all the time, but have all the stuff you will ever need for yourself, great!
There are lots of people who don't yet, so help them, a member can send you a wishlist and material to craft what he needs. if he runs short there is always the fleet bank to donate the rest if available.
This also qualifies you for an administrative "job" in the fleet.

STF... same thing...

You are a foundry scout? Find the best missions that can be run i na team and organize a story event...

There are lots of stuff you could do for the fleet.

Real life prevents you from playing that much anymore? or you move on to other games? let someone else take over and switch roles, then become a regular member again...

So, had to get that of my chest. I hope everyone agrees with me here for the most part.
Details are open for discussion and please suggest better ideas if you have them.

Changes can then be done to the current fleet structure soon.
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