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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

185. The Muppets (A-)

Funny, moving, and with the right level of nostalgia. It's not The Muppet Movie, but it's close. Frank Oz seems like a bit of a stick-in-the-mud for not participating, and it's a shame, because if there's one aspect that falls short it's the voice of miss Piggy, which is just off without his voice behind her.

186. X-Men: First Class (B-)

I've been putting off seeing this film, after being so disappointed with the last two X-Men movies, but I'm glad I finally did. Having said that, although the leading actors are excellent -- especially Fassbender and McAcoy -- the supporting cast of mutants is pretty inconsequential. I'm sure Fox wanted to have more options for merchandising, but anytime a dramatic moments hangs on one of the tertiary characters it doesn't really work because they're so thinly developed. Also, January Jones is completely mis-cast as Emma Frost. Her shtick fits Betty Draper, but it's completely wrong for the icy manipulator she's playing here (and many of her line readings leave something to be desired, honestly). Other than that, though, it was a solid (if not great) superhero movie, and I dug that it was a 60s period piece.
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