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Re: Re-booting TNG For TV?

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If there were to be an animated TNG series, I think it unlikely that the middle-aged (at least!) crew of Picard, Riker etc would not appeal to the youthful demographic who mainly watch animated shows. Yes, I know that the likes of the Clone Wars or the Dini-verse DC shows are very, very good and don't just appeal to kids. But let's face it, that's where an animated show largely finds its audience in the West.

One option would be to take a Lower Decks approach. Set the show on the ENT-D or E but have the focus mainly on a bunch of ensigns and cadets, with the bridge crew as supporting characters. That way you'd feature the classic crew but have a youthful bunch for younger viewers to identify with.

Well, Star Wars is full of old guys, and the kids seem fine with that.

Same can be said with the lower decks stuff....I doubt Star Wars fans or kids want to see a bunch of padawan kids being shoved into the academy. Speaking of feels that would be Jedi kids seem to be, well, drafted into the Jedi leagues.

And as for the world being whatever....instead of simply accepting it, one can tell it what one thinks, and maybe make a change. I mean, Doctor Who, before it was created, was looked at by network suits as rubbish. Or Comedy central, for years, refusing to give Jeff Dunham any time of day, and they were the ones with egg on their faces when they saw the ratings of his first show they let him do, and the following DVD sales.

Hell, one guy is making a Doctor Who anime, and it's one of the most Doctor Who like stories I've ever seen, moreso than anything Moffet of Davis made, so far, according to many, and it's all animated and in anime style. And trust me, from what I've seen, it would easily appeal to older crowds......John Pertwee, a buxom red haired chick who's outfit leaves little to the imagination, Daleks fight Cybermen as well as the Doc himself, well planned action scenes, and some of the most disturbing depictions of creating Cybermen, and what's in their bodies I myself have seen.

I think, with good writers who care for Trek, Roddenberry's vision of a better life, good animators, an animated Trek would work...that both the devoted Trek fan and Joe Sixpack can both like.
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