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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I understand the idea behind the locked tabs for larger fleets, but not really a big fan of it in our smaller, less active fleet. We're all welcome to donate to the fleet, but kinda annoying that anything good is restricted to the couple fleet officers we have. Makes sense to restrict lower-level recruits, but been playing just about since launch, and only with this fleet, and 8+ years on the BBS, why am I locked out again?

Convenient for the multiple toons of the fleet leaders, but not as much for us mid-level members. Honestly, I don't use the bank much because of the restrictions on anything good. Used to put more in back when it was more free-flowing, but now just feels like a donation to the people that already are doing just fine. Point of a fleet bank is to be able to share the wealth when you get stuff, and grab a little help when you need it as well, no?

Along those lines, what do you actually have to DO to get promoted from Chief to any of the lower officer ranks? LTS, played for almost 2 years on and off, donate to the banks when I get stuff I don't want (except that more and more tabs are restricted), help people with missions when I'm online, have tried to set up events every once in a while, etc. Other than being one of the guys that signed up to the Fleet first, not sure what else can be done there. Disappointing that TrekBBS is so under-represented on STO anyway, would be nice if the fleet wasn't so dead...
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