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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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since my older HD weighs a thousand frakkin' pounds, I'm gonna have to wait until my son gets over here.
You didn't have a CRT HD, did you? They were about the size of a damn TANK.
Yeah, that's the one. Sony Wega... Backbreaking to move, though.
I still use a Sony Wega; it's just a 36" and even at that size, it's massive & heavy. I can't imagine how heavy a bigger one would have been! Nice new TV. I was looking over the new Sony TVs in the shop the other day... very cool indeed!

Bought myself a mediaeval-tapestry inspired pocket square today, by way of compensation for having to go into London briefly for an appointment. I really hate having to go in; it's just so busy & dirty (when you blow your nose, black stuff should not come out!) and getting anywhere is such a chore. Anyway, treating myself for surviving the experience was the least I could do.
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