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Re: Re-booting TNG For TV?

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Ugh, I pray there's no remake of TNG. It was fine as it was.

And just because something is animated, it's not automatically kiddie. Just look at what comes from Japan.
Japan != USA

Show me a cartoon produced in the US and targeted at US audiences that is not targeted at kids or an "adult" comedy. The US audience has been trained that that's what cartoons are. If you tell the average viewer that there is a Star Trek cartoon on cable they will assume it's only targeted at kids and they will ignore it. A show could try to break that mold, but what network would be willing to risk airing it? Even Clone Wars had a little trouble finding the right fit. If there is going to be a Star Trek cartoon odds are it will follow the Clone Wars mold. Pointing out what happens in Japan has no relevance until a Japanese company buys Star Trek and creates a show for Japanese viewers.

Well, I pride myself on NOT being the average American, and have watched many animated series, from both Japan and France, that blows away pretty much anything live action made here.

Some fine examples are:

Goshogun: The Time Entangler
Night Walker
Full Metal Alchemist

And that's just a few.

And Cartoon Network's overrated. I think there outta be an animated channel that shows all sorts of animation that is not relegated to a few watered down, censored animes in the feeble attempt to satisfy the the more discriminating crowd, or showing stuff that appeals to the Sponge Bob Brigade.
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