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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

I am officially in awe of Tara. She has learned a lot from Gemma and now the student has surpassed the master. Tara has really shown a dark, ruthless side of herself this episode that won't be fooled anymore by Gemma and their mother-daughter bond which seems to be falling apart.

Jay finally knows the truth after four seasons. I admit I expected more rage from him but maybe why he didn't rage a lot when learning the truth is because on some level, he may have known or suspected Clay of being capable of this sort of thing once the pieces of those events like his father's "accident", the mechanic's death, and Clay's opposition to a gun-free direction for the club came together.

Will Jax finally kill Clay?

How would Tara react if Jax doesn't decide to leave Charming?

These are the two questions swirling in my mind after tonight's episode and will keep on swirling until next Tuesday.
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