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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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New preview up for issue four of Buffy Season Nine...and Angel and Faith #4 comes out tomorrow.

Does anyone else think that there could be an off chance Joss and company have been hinting at a Buffy/Spike reunion?
Some people on Buffyforums (not Spuffies. who tend to be more pessimistic) have been using the words "neon signs" rather than "off chance"... However, I wouldn't hold my breath for it to turn out well if they actually go get back together - because it's unlikely that Joss would ever allow Buffy to have a happy relationship. Therefore I expect a lot of UST, mixed signals, crossed wires, that kind of thing. If they do get together, something horrible will probably happen, because... you know:

Joss => <=Buffy

I think they're both in a good place right now in their friendship. With everything that went on with Angel last season I think we've seen the end of that relationship. I've never been against Spike/Buffy as most other fans even though I understand they're hatred of it. I think Buffy needs someone or she is going to start to "lose" herself.
Most other fans? Spuffy shippers are by far the most numerous shipper group in the fandom. Although lately there's a trend of people who didn't use to like Spuffy on the show being more into it in the comics.
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