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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

Great midseason finale.

Every character got some good scenes. This was Shane's episode and his rant at the end felt like something the audience wanted to say since the season started with the endless search for Sophia. I felt he was right about the walkers needing to die, but he took the wrong approach by forcing the barn doors opening. Any number of things could have gone horribly wrong and people might have died. I can't believe how stupid he was being, finding out the news about the baby was nothing but bad news for the group.

Sophia coming back completely fine would have been too unbelievable, since even the expert tracker Daryl almost got killed just looking for her.

The missing Sophia plot was dragged out too long. But that last 10 minutes were so intense might have made up for it. I love how each character reacted.
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