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Re: Re-booting TNG For TV?

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And just because something is animated, it's not automatically kiddie. Just look at what comes from Japan.
If it's on The Cartoon Network, it needs to appeal to kids (which doesn't rule out appealing to adults). Just look at the ads they run, that tells you who they're programming for. I'm not in the market for a Lego set for building Transformer characters, sorry.

Even if a Star Trek series on TCN also appealed to adults, the kid appeal would be the factor that determines its survival, since the kid audience is what the advertisers want. The adult audience is just a bunch of free-riders.
Actually thinking about it a CGI animated trek might turn out more like Green Lantern TAS as Clones is paid for out of Lucas's pocket from what I hear.
The Clone Wars doesn't turn a profit in its own right? That's surprising, animation isn't that expensive and the ratings are strong. (Even if the series serves chiefly as advertising for Star Wars toys, that's also a legit way to finance a series. Maybe Star Trek needs to start putting more effort into merchandising to kids, which would include an animated series to boost the market.)
I'm sure The Clone Wars is turning a profit for everyone, otherwise it would be off the air. What I think he means is that Lucas financed the production and then sold the complete show to CN as opposed to other shows which require the license fee to pay for the initial production.
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