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Re: Re-booting TNG For TV?

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The animation and story style would most likely look to The Clone Wars as a template - appeals to kids and grownups, with the same CGI look, which may be a bit much to get used to, but it does allow the characters to integrate well with very beautiful CGI planets, spaceships, etc. The show would almost certainly run on The Cartoon Network, where there's already a space-opera-cartoon audience watching TCW. In other words, don't assume this series would be for Star Trek fans. It might be made for sci fi cartoon fans in general.
Actually thinking about it a CGI animated trek might turn out more like Green Lantern TAS as Clone Wars is paid for out of Lucas's pocket from what I hear.

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Ugh, I pray there's no remake of TNG. It was fine as it was.

And just because something is animated, it's not automatically kiddie. Just look at what comes from Japan.
Thats a great idea to get japan to do it, from what I've seen of some of their space shows they seem to want to do it a lot seeing as how close some of them are to trek. They just have to remember that not the entire federation is evil douchebags just some of the ones Kirk and co come into conflict with.

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