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Jesus, there was so much wrong on the factual side of this episode:

Unrealistic councelling:
So the department's shrink had absolutely no idea about all the shit one of the officers went through? Really?

Bullshit Technobabble:
Tracing down the IP-Adress of a website is serious business now? Come on! Those public Adresses aren't a secret! If they were, the internet wouldn't work!
And Wlan-dude should think about using some fucking encryption...

Miam Metro work ethic:
Allegedly having scanned the entire room for traps, but then missing 5 big fucking bowls of blood at the ceiling? That's just bad form.

Do some research, writers!

Don't get me started on the twist that never was one.
I found it funny how Louis showed off his apartment. What he didn't mention to Jaimie was, that as a video game designer he barely gets any sparetime to actually spend in it.

Dialogue of the Week:
The Body was missing a hand. Any idea why Gellar took it?

The writing is on the wall.

The only redeeming thing about this ep was Deb.
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