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Re: What SF/F Book Are you Reading? .. Redux

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This. Read it all-but damn he goes to some strange places in the second trilogy, if you will call it that.
Intended read them all, though yes, I've heard the second trilogy has some big issues. Been a while since I've read full book series before this year, and I've sure gone down some rather bad paths (the 2001 series is downright unreadable by 3001, and I didn't hate Gentry Lee's Rama trilogy but it wasn't exactly great, and then there's the last two Dune books...).

I think Scalzi is hovering around the Trap. His book sold(Old Man's War) and he's being tempted w/monetarily to keep the franchise going even though his creativity will be, in the end, stifled.
Mm. The afterwords of Lost Colony and Zoe's Tale make it clear he's pretty much done with the series (but then, after Lost Colony came Zoe's Tale). I enjoyed the books but I'd be quite content if Scalzi didn't write any more books in the setting. It's a very, very thin setting, for one thing - Scalzi's less interested in world building than getting a few good plot ideas and running with them... which, by the way, is just fine by me.
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