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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

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Yes, that sounds about right. It reminds me somewhat of the helmets that U.S. soldiers wore during World War I.

In any event, I'm having a lot of fun testing out the Bounty Hunter, particularly using the "Death from Above" ability to fly up on my jetpack and let loose a torrent of missiles and blasterfire on a cluster of enemies. The farther into the BH story that I get during these two testing periods, though, the more I'm re-considering my initial intention of rolling an Imperial Agent at launch, since the IA and BH will be visiting many of the same worlds. I'm starting to instead consider a Republic character so I can have a different environmental experience early on, though I know if I did change plans to Republic that I'd inevitably end up going with one of the Jedi classes.
I had a lot of fun with the BH. The story was fun and I was crafting a cool little character. I like how the class played too. Since my friends are rolling Republic, that means I am going to go as a trooper, which I hear has a pretty good story as well.
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