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Re: What SF/F Book Are you Reading? .. Redux

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Re Clarke's Childhood's End, the big reveal about Karellen was a silly touch that pulled me out. It was way too much like those SF stories where two of the characters turn out to be Adam and Eve.
Well, there's not many ways to do

Scalzi did move away from the Heinleinism so far as ideals go, which greatly improved the stories.
I would agree with that. As I said upthread, there's stuff in Old Man's War that rubbed me very much the wrong way, in the same manner Heinlein does. By the time we reach Zoe's Tale's general feeling that senseless war is not a good idea, the series had grown on me considerably.

I also think that the rationale for old recruits fails in the face of the practical rationale for young recruits: They are naive (especially if they're convinced they're street smart,) and much more susceptible to indoctrination.
But on the other hand young people have their whole lives ahead of them, which old people don't. It may be less practical, but it has a kind of moral logic to it (in the sense it feels more moral than the system we actually have where people die as seasoned combat veterans before they're 21.)
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