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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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Shane's hesitation when it came to Sophia was one of the few things I had issues with at the end. He had been going on about writing her off for two episodes and he's the one that initiated the zombie massacre. It didn't make sense for him to freeze then. I think it was more plot driven to get Rick in that position of pulling the trigger. It should've been Shane.
I disagree. It had to be Rick. We needed to see that he can make the really hard decisions that Shane can't. Shane's no leader. Rick is. And that is why.
This. It really seems to me that much of the criticism the show has received this season is directed at the things it's doing really, really well. The pace of the search for Sophia is necessary to set up the horror of the ending; Shane's blowhard status is undermined by his hesitation when it comes to shotting a child that he knew. People can criticize the show because they actually want to be watching Resident Evil; that's fair. But the show doesn't want to be that, and it's very good at being something else: thoughtful, philosophical, willing to take its time to set up narrative pay-off.
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