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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Yeah you only have to see the reaction of blokes who knew him to see how well regarded he was; Robbie nearly broke down, Given was crying before the match sunday and Bellamy wasn't even in a fit state to play.

I'm guessing something will come out with regards to the reason for it, and it may be that he's battled depression for years and it may even come out that this wasn't his first attempt. Maybe he'd be diagnosed with something terminal or maybe (and I hope not) something was about to come out about his personal live. We may never know, but whatever it was he was clearly in a very dark place and it is a shame he couldn't get help.

Stan Collymore, who I've never had a lot of time for, did make some pertinant comments about how mental illness is percieved in the footballing world, and maybe what has happened to Speed might break a few barriers down and maybe in future there will be more support available.
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