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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

^^ It's an interesting idea, because it not only ties in to Rick being supposedly dead in the hospital, but also Carl's quick recovery; and Carl has Rick's genes....

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Oh, man, that sucked. I wish they didn't do that. All I can think of is that poor little girl running away down the hill with her doll in her hand...this one was really a wrencher.
It didn't really affect me that way.

It was good from a dramatic sense because it shows that the program isn't going to shy away from killing regular characters, including kids. And the reveal was well done, even with the AICN spoilers.

However, Sophia's character wasn't that developed for me to find it "wrenching." Losing someone like Glenn or Daryl (who has probably the most interesting arc of the show thus far, going from "redneck jerk" to "the guy even the black character can count on") would bother me a lot more because the writers have made them worth caring about.
She's a little girl. It's wrenching to even hear about some anonymous kid on the news. After all these characters invested so much in desperately trying to save her for all these episodes, it was pretty horrible knowing that she had died a terrifying death not long after the last time Rick saw her.
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