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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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On a different note. If we're assuming that everyone has the Zombie virus, that when you die, you become a Walker... one of the "side effects" is a regenerative power that works for most injuries (like gun shots & arrows) , but not against the Zombie killer bacteria. That's how a guy who was in a coma & dehydrated can make it out alive, or Carl & Daryl recovering in 2 daYA or Merle making it out... That's my quasi-serious fan theory on that.
I think that's been shown to not apply to the series. And the idea never made a lot of sense to me. Because, if everyone's already infected, why does the virus kill only after a bite? You're saying the bite introduces not a zombie virus, but a separate strain of zombie killer bacteria?

Anyway, never was a zombie plague portrayed as having any regenerative benefits whatsoever. Preservative? To a degree, yes. So sure, the virus animates dead flesh regardless of damage, but none of the damage is ever reversed. In living bodies though, it only works to kill.

Unless (OK, I'm starting to like the idea as I'm typing up this reply) the virus interacts differently with living tissue and aids the immune system, until the supposed bacteria are introduced. It could be a case of evolutionary progress gone wrong.
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