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Re: Shaping a Cardassian--"Among the Dragons" -- Edited

I've reviewed many sections of this the first time, or in private, but I have to tell you about the wedding!

I know you showed me something with the ratatoon tradition before, but even then, the reaction of these little nonconformist ratatoon was adorable and so fitting considering the odd couple they "represent."

Now, is that blue part of the eye ridges that you have in your avatar what you're describing here? Does that mean your version of Gul Ocett is following an ancient custom for some reason?

One thing that surprised me a bit was that it seemed like the wedding rehearsal and the wedding were on the same day; why did they not rehearse it on a different day? (Which would also include stuff like being sure to arrange for the recording of the vows beforehand rather than figuring out the need for it at the last minute.) Is that because Cardassians don't think they need rehearsals? This could be a real cultural difference here, so I wanted to know if that's what you intended.

I'm very glad Ms. Karama got to come to the wedding. I'm surprised her horror of a husband let her, but that's fortunate that she was able to offer her support to her son and to her daughter-in-law.

Finally, I'm glad to see that Kapoor found a way to interject her own culture into this so it wasn't a totally one-sided thing.
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