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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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After a few months away from Voyager, I rewatched a few episodes, and liked Janeway even more than I did before.
That's how I feel whenever I'm away for a bit and then get into a rewatch. I also find myself watching other shows now and thinking how much better Mulgrew would have been in the role, how distinctive she is.

I've been watching Stargate Atlantis for the first time and am on season 4. The captain role is a woman and she's just about the blandest character ever and blandest actor. She just stands there and says "what do you think?" and then agrees to do whatever is suggested. We've had a hilarious time rewriting scenes and saying, "Now if that was Janeway she would say.." It's funny because it's so easy to channel Janeway in a similar sci fi setting.

Oh and we had managed to remain spoiler free for Stargate Atlantis until we went to Armageddon and saw Robert Picardo who completely spoiled it for us.. which is somehow so cool I don't care. Robert Picardo spoiled SGA for me, LOLOL

I think the lack of POW from the SGA Commander was one of the reasons I didn't get into the show.

Then again, the main reason for my disaffection was that I kept forgetting to watch it!

Yeah it rapidly turned into a show about how embarrassingly bad the commander was.. but then cool stuff happened and some of the characters got interesting. By that stage I was fond of its silliness.

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AND you should try watching it again JRulez because..

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